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We here at Autumn Shades Standard Poodles wanted a hunting dog, but yet wanted a family member who did not shed.  After having a standard poodle named Kadin, and saw his love of the water we decided to check into finding a breeder who had poodles with hunting backgrounds.   The poodle was orginally bred and used for retrieving in Germany. The name poodle comes from the German word Pudel, which is short for Pudelhund, which means "splashing dog". This reflects the breed's use as a water dog. 
Many people who contact me only think I breed "hunting Poodles" there really is no such thing as hunting poodles.  There are however poodles that hunt but it is up to the new owner to train that poodle.
What we look for in our puppies is the love to retrieve, puppies that love water, and puppies that want to work and be with you. 
Our goal at Autumn Shades Standard Poodles is to produce sound temperament, genetically healthy, well comformed puppies with the drive to be great working dogs as well as wonderful family companions.  Our puppies are evaluated by a veterinarian at 6 and 8 weeks of age for health and at 7 weeks of age for temperament by a trainer/behaviorist.

Sean Mann

Mike travels around the United States waterfowl hunting.  It has become his passion, and what better way to enjoy your passion than to have a standard poodle accompany you. In the above photo Mike spent the day hunting with Sean Mann in Maryland.


Our son Josh was home on leave from the USAF and he and Bea spent several days out Duck Hunting.  They had a great time and brought home several wood ducks.

Autumn Shades If You Just Believe WC CGC TDI JH  "Bea" 


A cold start to the morning

Canadian Goose Hunting 2011

Scott, Mike and Drifter
After a day of Canadian goose hunting.

We will not contribute to the mixed breed "Doodle" population. 


Hunting with the Original Retriever

Proud Member of Southern Ohio All Breed Dog Club