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At times we have Standard Poodles available for homes.  These Standards come from different places such as, dog pounds/shelters across Ohio, KY, and WV, they come from owners who can no longer keep them for one reason or another and some are puppy mill rescues.


Jasmine (Adopted)


Teddy (adopted from another rescue)
Teddy arrived in rescue  5/23/10. His mom was moving and he wasn't able to go with her. He has some fear issues and takes a little while to warm up to new people. I feel his former family may have fed his fears rather than making him deal with them. He will do best in a home where someone is at home the majority of the time as he wants to be your constant shadow. I would like him in a home where he will be taken to obedience classes to help build his self confidence and to help him over come some of his fears. He walks very well on a leash, is good with most other dogs, cats. I am not sure how he is with children or strangers yet. Will update as I learn more about him. Update 5/31/10 Teddy can be a little dominant with other dogs and would do best in a home with either a well balanced dog, even submissive dog or a home with no dogs. He plays well with them but if they have something, such as a rawhide that he wants he will fight to get it from them. If no bones, rawhides, high value toys/treats are involved he gets along wonderfully with other dogs. Update 6/5/10 I had a behaviorist come and evaluate Teddy. Here is what she had to say .... I evaluated Teddy yesterday. My recommendations for him were a click to calm program of socializations and medication to help expidite the behavior modification. He will need someone with a very special touch. Someone who can be assertive without being aggressive, firm yet gentle and active and knowledgeable enough to help him overcome. I do feel ... He is completely able to over come and will be a very nice dog with a little effort. I would also recommend a home with another large, calm, well-balanced dog. If you are interested in Teddy and would like more information from me feel free to e-mail as well.
Email for an application. This is the first step in our adoption process


Cinder (Adopted, returned and Euthanized due to severe aggression)
Cinder is a blue standard poodle weighing about 35 pounds.  She is a very petite poodley girl.  She has  Dry Eye and will need  eye drops twice a day for the remainder of her life.  She is 5 years old and was an owner surrender.  Cinder would do best in a home where her family is home most of the time.  She enjoys going for walks, riding in the car and sleeping on the bed.  She is current on vaccines, HW tested and on preventative, and very good for her groomings.  For more information please email me at or call 740-259-4626 


Sydney (Adopted)
Sydney is a 2 1/2 year old spayed Standard Poodle
She is very very shy and will need a home where someone has the time to work with her and help build her confidence up.  I will require a fenced yard and that she be enrolled in Obedience Classes to help build up her confidence.  Email me for additional info



(ADOPTED)1-6-09  Collin went and had a second opinion today.  It has been ruled a Birth Defect and there is really nothing that can be done for him.  Collin is in no pain, and having surgery could cause him to have pain in the leg the rest of his life.
He will need a home with another pet who is active as he needs lots of exercise to help build muscle in his leg.  He will need to eat a high quality dog food, raw or home cooked meals.
Here is a video of Collin running and playing with my pack of poodles.
1-1-09 Not available at this time.....I am checking into taking him to an orthopedic specialist ...will update as soon as I know more about his leg.
12-31-08   Collin is a 5 month old black and white parti poodle.  He has an old injury/ fracture to his left front leg that wasn't taken care of.  The vet estimates this injury happened when he was a very young puppy.  There really is nothing that can be done for the leg at this time, but you would never know anything is wrong with it the way he runs and plays on it.  The vet recommended high quality food and lots of exercise for him to try and build up the muscle in his leg.  There is a chance that osteoarthritis will set in and he may have to have the leg removed at some point in his life. 
Collin is a very sweet, mellow boy and enjoys lounging around with his people but does also enjoy playing with other dogs. 
Please email for more information on Collin.  He is current on his vaccines, wormed and on heartworm meds.  He will be neutered prior to adoption.



Zoe came to us from a very high kill shelter in North Eastern Ohio.  She was turned in to the pound because her owners were starting to babysit the Grandchild and they were afraid that Zoe may hurt the baby as large as she is.  I called the owners to see if she had ever growled, or snapped at anyone and was told No.  Since she has been here with us she has been a wonderful girl.  She is completely housebroken, crate trained (no reason to be in one), gets along with dogs and likes cats.  She has a bad haircut and we are waiting for it to grow out some before we can give her the true poodle look, (no, not the froo froo look). 
Zoe weighs 74 pounds.  She is current on vaccines and on heartworm preventative.  Zoe's main fault is she pulls on a leash when walked.  She walks very nice for me and will learn to walk nicely for anyone that walks her.
If you are interested in adopting Zoe please email me at or call 740-259-4626


Spike (adopted by us)
Spike is a 7 year old toy poodle.  Neutered Male who loves attention. His father passed away and the mother had surgery and then was not able to care for him as she should after wards so she asked if I would take him into my rescue and find him a wonderful home.  He has been with me several months as I am very much in love with this little guy but feel he would probably enjoy a home of his own more than a home with 8-10 other large dogs.  He will make someone the best companion ever.  He travels great, he meets and greets great and is just the best little guy ever.  For more info please email or call 740-259-4626

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